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Charlottenlund Upper Secondary School

Charlottenlund Upper Secondary School is situated in a rural area outside Trondheim, 500 kilometers north of Oslo, the capital of Norway. From ancient times, the city has been a well known Pilgrimage destination, with the Nidaros cathedral as the main attraction.

Charlottenlund Upper Secondary School is the largest of its kind in this part of the country. The pedagogical staff comprises 300 teachers and there are1200 students. This is a school offering both vocational and general courses.

The school has long traditions of international bi- or multi-lateral contact with educational institutions in various countries.

Among the school´s preferential ambitions are:

Adapted education

Digital competence as a pedagogical tool

The school as a cultural arena

Active students

Real student influence.

Our students come from surrounding areas, but a great many come from more distant places of residence to take special courses at the school. There is an even distribution of boys and girls at the school as one big unit, but the distribution reveals that the choice of study program is influenced by gender. 

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